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from Don Bisson & Sandra Lommasson

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Spiritual Direction in a Time of Deepening Shadow"

Dear Colleague,

Recent years have drawn out the best and the worst in our human family making typical mechanisms for ignoring or dodging unpleasant realities virtually impossible. It’s a hard grace.  It means we have to look deeply into the shadows, our own as well as the collective shadow which is so magnified now.  What we find there, and the way we engage it will flavor the quality of shared life for generations to come. There is immense power for both good and ill in this time of threshold crossing.  Our choices matter.

It makes our work as spiritual directors in this moment all the more critical.

As these currents and cross-currents ripple through the souls and lives of those we tend, it asks much of us as discerning, praying witnesses to these profound movements.  Sometimes the good is the enemy of the best, and sometimes the best is the enemy of the good. And sometimes they simply co-exist. One commentator speaks of the demonic as “a partial truth attempting to take over the whole.” A partial truth can seduce and glitter without having true value but comes at a tremendous cost. We live in a world of partial truths and are participant in their generation.

Simply stated, we need each other to stay healthy and to assist in sifting what the genuine invitations of the Spirit are in our time. As colleagues and sojourners for 25 years we know what a difference it makes to invoke the discerning community of depth journeyers as the tumult increases.  We believe it is time to call together a cohort of experienced* spiritual directors to intentionally explore the art of Spiritual Direction in a Time of Deepening Shadow.

From September 2021 through May 2022 we will offer a series of 14 sessions via Zoom exploring the various dimensions of this moment, our response to it, and our practice of spiritual direction within it.

Please consider applying to join in this pilot series for a time such as this.

Sandra Lommasson

Don Bisson


* Those who have worked with a range of directees over a number of years. There will be a public offering on 9/11 on Living in a Time of Deepening Shadow for those with general interest in the topic or new to the ministry of spiritual direction.

The time is always right to do what is right.
- Martin Luther King