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Date:February 15th-17th, 2019.
Category/Categories:Spiritual Enrichment
Stress Reduction / Personal Insight
Health and Wellness

Winter is too often considered a challenge with its shorter, darker days and its cold and snow keeping us confined indoors. But the season has its own special gifts. In the the hectic hustle of our now "24/7" culture, winter gives us permission to step off the roller coaster of life and turn our awareness inward. The winding down after the holidays invites us to slow down, reconnect with our inner source, and rekindle the light of our weary spirits. It's the rediscovering of our deepest needs and richest truths that provides the seeds that we plant and celebrate in the awakening brightness of spring.

The first half of this retreat will encourage a relaxing of the busy pace of your life and a return to the center of your being with both restorative and warming yoga practices. The second half will focus on preparing the way for a spring renewal with cleansing breathwork and joyful movement. Savor winter's fruits of meditation and contemplation that will ripen to juicy sweetness in the spring. 

Kindly bring your own mat and a journal. All other props will be provided.

Begins Friday with supper at 6pm and concludes with lunch at noon on Sunday. Resident with private room $295; Semi-private room $270; Commuter with meals $210; Commuter without meals, $175. Deposit $100. Balance due 14 days prior to start of program.

Leader: Kathy Niedzielski


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