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Event:***Virtual*** Live Q&A informational session about the Genesis School for Contemplative Living
Date:February 13th, 2022.
Time:1:00 PM to 2:00 PM


Are you looking for a deeper sense of groundedness? Would you like to experience a greater connection to yourself, others, Earth and God? Do you have a sense of longing for spiritual community?

Genesis’ fourth cohort of the School for Contemplative Living (GSCL) will begin in April 2022 and continue through October 2022. GSCL Co-Creator, Liz Walz, will host a LIVE Q&A Zoom session. This is a great opportunity to be in conversation with Liz and ask any questions you may have about whether or not the school is right for you. 

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About the School

The Genesis School for Contemplative Living is for anyone and everyone with an interest in deepening contemplative practices. Drawing on Christian mystics as well as other traditions, presenters offer guidance in practical meditation techniques and offer presentations on Wisdom Jesus, Compassion and Self-Compassion, Human and Divine Suffering. Participants receive support in developing their own Rhythm of Life. After the first weekend, participants in past cohorts observed the impact of the program on their life, family, and work. People from any faith tradition or none are welcome. The School is conducted through four on-site, three-night weekends; monthly in person or online small groups; with inspirational reading and videos.


What our students are saying

"It wasn’t one part, but all the parts integrating with each other. Great variety in helping me let go of things in my faith that no longer serve me. Also, so many options were presented as a prayer to help me pick and choose what I wanted to use as my practice."

 "The interaction with others, the guidance of staff, all of the above contributed to my practice and understanding of a more mature theology."

 "I was a part of something bigger than I thought it would ever be."

 "Trust the process."




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