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Event:**ONLINE** Wildlife Perfumery - to Benefit the India COVID-19 Fund
Date:May 24th, 2021.
Time:7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Wildflower Perfumery - to benefit the India COVID-19 Relief Fund


As someone who has benefitted greatly from the Yoga tradition that comes from India, I feel a deep responsibility to give back during India’s time of great suffering and need.  Offering this donation-based class is one way for me to do just that.  Donate as much as you wish. 100% goes to Global Giving. Click the link to learn how your donations will be used to help those in need and thank you! 

Learn the exquisite French tradition of enflowering or enfleurage and the ancient practice of hydrosols.  Megan will show you how to capture the breath of the delicately subtle flower essences that grow in your gardens.  Megan will walk you through the steps of making an enfleurage (perfumed body oil) and a hydrosol (flower water).  You will receive a recording of the class to reference when making your own beautifying perfume.  No products needed.  Note pad or garden journal recommended for your own notes. 


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Important: Please pay as business and services and note in PayPal which class you are paying for.  If you have a preferred email – make note of that as well.  If you do not have a PayPal account, contact Megan and she will send you a payment request.  


Facilitated by Megan Elliott


Megan Elliott is a compassionate educator and dedicated guide who skillfully supports her students and clients on their courageous journey toward healing and growth. A gifted yoga therapist, Trauma Sensitive Yoga trained yoga teacher, and teacher trainer, Megan works with diverse populations. Her offerings range from yoga classes to Thai yoga massage sessions, Reiki to yoga therapy. Megan views yoga as a lifestyle, a living practice that unfolds as we unfold, and that its teachings are a vehicle that can guide us closer to the fullest expression of ourselves.

Try living one day without any unhealthy thoughts. It may be very difficult, but try another day, until it becomes habitual, and life will move in the direction of becoming healthy, vital, and alive.
- Norman Vincent Peale