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Event:***ON-SITE***The Enneagram-One Step Beyond the Basics
Date:June 11th, 2022.


The Enneagram-One Step Beyond the Basics

Saturday, June 11, 2022.  9:30am - 1:00pm. Includes lunch at 12noon.

Cost: $45

This half-day event is sure to help you further understand yourself, as well as those around you. This is a program for those who have been introduced to the basics of this ancient aid for understanding ourselves and others.  We will describe more subtle levels of Enneagram descriptions beyond the basic nine types, focusing on how each number is related to others on the Enneagram and how we use this knowledge to become more integrated and free as we move through life interacting with others.  We will briefly review the types with a focus on the spirituality of each type.


Facilitated by Jo Ann Bourquard


JoAnn Bourquard is a seasoned spiritual director who believes that spiritual companioning is a means of healing the soul and, ultimately, the world.  She holds the belief that “an unreflected life is not worth living” and that sharing our life story with one who is trained to listen deeply is a path toward personal growth and connection with the Divine.
JoAnn is a retreat director and workshop facilitator. She has a particular interest in journaling and using literature as a means of awakening the soul. With a Master’s Degree in Spirituality and a certificate in Women’s Leadership, JoAnn is a Supervisor to those in formation to become spiritual directors and trains other supervisors. She especially connects with nature as a way into deeper contemplation and joy. She is also experienced in teaching the Enneagram.
JoAnn presents a range of programs throughout the Northeast and is involved in the spiritual discernment process with individuals and groups in transition. She accompanies people of all faiths, including those seeking but not identifying with a particular tradition. She has accompanied men and women with serious illnesses, those who are dying, and people dealing with grief and loss of all types.

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