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Event:**ON-SITE** Spirituality & Mental Health in Today's World
Date:February 19th-20th, 2022.



Spirituality and Mental Health in Today’s World

The retreat will take place Saturday to Sunday, February 19-20, 2022.  Saturday’s sessions will begin at 10:00am. The retreat will end with brunch at 10:30am on Sunday.


During the past two years, COVID came in and took over our lives and in more than 600,000 cases literally took lives.  This unforeseen international crisis forced people to live inside, minimized contact with others and curtailed most activities.  What were people left with?

This workshop will focus on how the pandemic was an invitation to see how we were living truly from our own “insides” and how that enabled us to not just survive, but learn from it about a new way of being.

We will spend time on what spirituality means to each one, the relationship between spirituality and religion, what nourishes a spiritual life, how an inner life is a resource, even if one struggles with a mental illness and how crucial it is, as we go forward into the unknown, to attend to the spiritual in one’s life.


Facilitated by Nancy C. Kehoe, RSCJ, Ph.D. 


Nancy C. Kehoe, RSCJ, PhD., is a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart. She is an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, part time.  Her area of expertise is religion and spirituality in the clinical context.  For thirty-five years, using a model she created, Dr. Kehoe has led groups on spiritual beliefs and values for adults with psychiatric disabilities. She currently consults with healthcare providers in mental health settings. She has presented at regional, national, and international conferences and published on the subject of religion and psychotherapy. She has directed retreats at Eastern Point Retreat Center, Glastonbury Abbey and Genesis Spirituality Center. She has published “Wrestling with Our Inner Angels: Faith, Mental Illness and the Journey to Wholeness.”   She has published five You Tube videos entitled, “Conversations on Religion and Mental Illness.” Additional information can be found on her web site at: www.expandingconnections.com

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Faith makes all things possible, and love makes them easy. Faith in God is never out of season. Faith justifies the believer, but love justifies his faith by the works which it produces. Faith believes God to be true; love proves faith to be true.
- Charles H. Spurgeon