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Event:**ON-SITE** Soft, Inspiring Reflections on Essential Oils. Book signing event.
Date:June 13th, 2021.
Time:2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


New book offers inspiring poems and reflections about essential oils on a deeper spiritual and emotional level

Yvonne M. Boudreau, M.Div., releases "Soft, Inspiring Reflections on Essential Oils."


“Soft, Inspiring Reflections on Essential Oils," published by Xlibris, is born out of personal reflections about life and how the gift of oils can assist and ease some of the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of day-to-day living. In her book, Boudreau has written poems and reflections about the oils that she has personally used for extended periods. Each oil has its own unique essence, an exclusive identifying fingerprint. Each oil carries its distinctive imprint, and the subtitles of scent and combination of oils bring a message or a sense of comfort to bring ease or energy to her day, to a situation, to her being.

"In today’s society, people are rushing and feel stressed," Boudreau said. "My book can bring a moment of calm in the crazy rush of life, and can be used to center and breathe in the goodness of life." 

Boudreau hopes her book will inspire readers to relax and experience the beauty that is available when they pause, listen, and reflect. Says Boudreau, ” It is my hope and desire that you might find some inspiration, a glimmer of hope, an irresistible smile, a passageway to an important insight, or simply the joy of reading words that might connect you to your deeper self.”


The event is free of charge and includes snacks. 


About the author

Yvonne M. Boudreau is a graduate of St. Michael’s College at Toronto School of Theology, Toronto, Canada. She has had a long career in the administrative branch of health care with many of those years in Catholic health care. She has been a teacher, a chaplain, a clinical pastoral educator and senior vice president of mission Integration. Boudreau lived in other countries and on other continents, and life has brought her full circle back to New England, where she was born and brought up. Reflecting upon her accomplishments in life, she feels most blessed by the people who have loved her and walked with her through sorrow and joy. She is most grateful for the adventure, the depth, the light and dark, the newness and the wonderment of that which is yet to come.



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