53 Mill Street, Westfield, MA 01085 • 413.562.3627
Date:November 8th, 2020.
Time:2:00 PM to 4:00 PM


November heralds the final harvest festival of the year and presages the winter season to come. In the heart of autumn before the rush of the holidays, pause and find respite in an afternoon of restorative yoga. Simple movements followed by prop-supported seated and supine poses dissolve deeply held layers of mental and physical stress. Through mindful breathing practices we consciously draw our senses inward, allowing us to reground our awareness back into living in the present moment. Deep relaxation nourishes us on a cellular level and replenishes our energy, stoking our inner fire in preparation for the winter. Gift yourself with the richly rewarding experience of restorative yoga and open yourself fully to the gratitude and joy of the coming holiday season.

Note: Class size limited to preserve distancing

Cost - $35

Leader: Kathy Niedzielski, CYT


Kathy is an experienced, certified Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga teacher whose joy is guiding students to find their union of spirit, heart and body through adaptive movements, guided meditations, and deep-breath work.


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Try living one day without any unhealthy thoughts. It may be very difficult, but try another day, until it becomes habitual, and life will move in the direction of becoming healthy, vital, and alive.
- Norman Vincent Peale