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Date:January 9th, 2021 (4 days), including April 10, June 26, October 2.

 Four sessions: January 9,  April 10, June 26, Oct. 2
In addition, group will meet on ZOOM and/or teleconference once per month for check-ins.

What’s your mission in life?  It's time to create your 2021 VISION BOARD to support your mission!  Your Vision Board supports your mission. In this 4-part series facilitated by Sr. Jane Comerford and Bonnie Druschel, come and explore your mission, and create a personal vision board to help manifest your mission. Take small action steps every day!
This will be a year-long process with monthly check-ins via Zoom to stay on track. Follow-up quarterly in-person meetings to encourage you to stay focused on your vision. Meet to add or modify your mission and/or vision board.
A vision board is something you create with words, pictures, photos of what you want to attract into your life.
You may want to:

  • Attract a relationship or new friendship into your life;
  • Lose weight;
  • Find your perfect job;
  • Meditate or pray in your busy life.

You can have a vision board for all aspects of your life. Your mission requires intention, focusing on what you really want to have in your life. Power of attraction bringing things into your life that are good for you. Have fun!

NOTE! Spaces are limited to preserve distancing

Cost - $100 for 4-part series, also includes monthly Zoom check-ins.


Leaders: Jane Comerford, CSJ and Bonnie Druschel


Sister Jane is a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet who has served as the director of spirituality centers in Seattle, Spokane, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. With degrees in education and spirituality and a certificate in expressive arts therapy, she is known for innovative and creative programs and retreats. Jane has taught in several spiritual direction training programs and for the Methodist Formation Academy. She has also designed and led pilgrimages to sacred sites in Nepal, India and Ireland.

Bonnie has been surrounded by flowers, trees, and gardens for her whole life. For years her grandparents were onion farmers in western Massachusetts. And, her love of sunflowers was a gift from her Babchi (Polish for grandmother) Sophie who taught her how to grow her own sunflowers when she was just a child. She is forever grateful! Bonaventure (Bonnie) Druschel is known for inspiring people and is often referred to as “Sunflower Spirit.” Bonnie is an Inspirational Artist, Author, Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Life Coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay. She developed a deep love of the healing powers of nature’s beauty while growing up surrounded by the lush gardens and farmland of her grandparents in western Massachusetts.

Bonnie has spoken at women’s conferences, and continues to work as a guide helping women transform their lives. Her story is included in Louise Hay’s book, “Modern Day Miracles.” She has authored one book of her own: “Sunflower Adventure: Always Facing The Sun” and “Nature Inspired Creative Experiences (N.I.C.E.)” with her husband Tom, and is also known for her inspiring artwork and photographs. In addition to her photographs gracing the billboard-style screens on 42nd street in New York City, Bonnie’s artwork has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. In the marketplace, her work has been commissioned for inspirational giftware and a host of commercial venues. Bonnie lives in western Massachusetts with her husband and their two cats Bacardi and Kato.

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