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Event:**VIRTUAL** Completing the Year. Creating the Year.
Date:January 28th-30th, 2022.


Completing the Year. Creating the Year.


Facilitated by The Reverend Dr. Eileen Epperson

Virtual retreat, Friday, Jan 28- Sunday, Jan 30, 2022

Cost: $200. 

NOTE: Registration closes Wednesday, January 26, 2022.   

Reviewing the past year can feel daunting! With guidance and an open heart, however, taking a closer look can actually help us see more clearly our accomplishments and the gifts we received. In this program you will review this past year with compassion and gentleness. Everyone will receive a check-list to look at all the parts of the previous year in advance of the retreat. We will share what we see and then have a powerful forgiveness exercise created by the facilitator.

WHY “Complete the Year?”

The default for most of us is to move from one year to the next with little reflection or acknowledgment of what happened and what didn’t happen last year. We bring along unfinished business and drag it into the new year which is burdened before it begins! Our years start looking like each other, albeit with a few interesting changes. It is possible, however, to declare the previous year whole and complete. After reviewing it with self-compassion and truth-telling, in a supportive group, we can then declare the previous year COMPLETE.

What naturally arises is: hmmm, what’s next for me? What is calling me? We organically have the space to create a context for the coming year that excites us. Some sample “banners” for past program participants are:

  • The Year of Finding My Voice
  • The Year of the Magic of Relationship
  • The Year of Selfless Service and Joy
  • The Year of Adventure and Play




Friday, January 28



6:30 -8:30PM

Opening session: silence; meeting each other, outline and purpose of the weekend, understanding the activities

Saturday, January 29




Silence; reflecting, sharing and completing what is unfinished, forgiveness process – declaring that 2021 is complete

12NOON – 12:45PM


1:00– 3:00PM

Silence; beginning to discern what is calling to you next; how would you like to frame and name 2022? (As the Chinese name their years).

3:00 – 3:30PM


3:30 –5:00PM

Silence; sharing with each other from our own spaces, we start creating a display of some kind, like a collage of your vision for the coming year, a poem, a prayer or just the title on a blank piece of paper.

5:00 – 6:00PM


6:00 – 7:00PM

Reflection: silence, prayer, finish collage or creative work; say goodnight


Sunday, January 30




Closing session: silence; questions, sharing, setting up optional quarterly reunions during 2022



A few thoughts from past participants

For me the process was a little daunting and upsetting at first as I didn't want to be reminded of all the mistakes and many ways I had let myself and others down over the past year. But as I went through my journal I saw that I really had quite a wonderful year with many more accomplishments than I had remembered. Eileen's gift is in recognizing and affirming those accomplishments which you often don't see or in my case, minimize.  My banner for this year hangs on my computer and I hope to live into it. ~ Lee Bowen Aten


Completing the year was valuable for me. Before I did the exercise, I felt the past year had been pretty awful overall. I was able to recognize that I did some pretty phenomenal things, including making a lifelong dream come true. I was able to put the sad things in the past, where they belong. ~ Jackie Lahey


I found the year-end assessment to be both empowering and enlightening. It helped me to revisit my accomplishments and gave me a general overview of all that had been accomplished. In addition, the questions themselves prompted me to address some unfinished business. As with so many of the tools Eileen has provided, I found the "Completing the Year" process to be a positive experience. I would recommend it to others. ~ Diane Monti-Catania


Faciliatated by The Reverend Dr. Eileen Epperson


The Reverend Dr. Eileen Epperson (Presbyterian) has been a college, hospital and hospice chaplain as well as a pastor in several churches over the past 31 years. Her ministry is now spiritual life-coaching and spiritual direction. She is a bereavement counselor and designs retreats and workshops in communication, forgiveness and spiritual growth. She created The Forgiveness Process® for individuals and has led over 50 forgiveness workshops in four states over the past eleven years.


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