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Event:**ON-SITE** Burning Bushes Everywhere
Date:July 16th-21st, 2022.


Burning Bushes Everywhere

Saturday, July 16 - Thursday, July 21, 2022

Facilitated by Jan Phillips

$560, inclludes private room and meals. 


Power structures have tried to silence women for millennia. To some extent, they have been successful. Every woman knows the feeling of being hushed. It’s part of all our lives. But at this stage on our evolutionary trajectory, we are taking back our power and taking our places as wisdom carriers, modern-day mystics, and prophets of consequence. This retreat will shine a light on that pathway. It will address the hurdles, the detours, the descents and ascents.

We will look at our lives from the mountaintop and identify which perils were really our burning bushes. We’ll give voice to the sorrows that transformed themselves into searing certainties. We’ll come to embody and proclaim our essential knowings and see how it happens that we receive and transmit the Light of the World.


Facilitated by Jan Phillips


Jan Phillips is a writer, activist, and photographer who connects the dots between evolutionary creativity, spiritual intelligence and social action. She is the author of ten award-winning books, has taught in over 25 countries, and has published work in many major periodicals. Jan teaches throughout the U. S. and Canada, leading retreats and workshops for organizations and individuals committed to evolutionary spirituality. Jan is founder and director of the Livingkindness Foundation, a grassroots activist organization supporting women in leadership and art in activism. Learn more at janphillips.com

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"The greatest challenge of the day is to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each of us."
- Dorothy Day