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Event:**ON-SITE** BioSpiritual Focusing: Day of Presence
Date:January 22nd, 2022.
Time:9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


BioSpiritual Focusing: Day of Presence

Saturday, January 22, 2022

9:00am - 5:00pm

$80, includes lunch


"Too many people today find themselves in a psycho-spiritual vacuum of purposeless disconnection where no embodied sense can mature in the awareness of our responsibility and accountability for a common good. Our bodies ache with an inner knowing that boundaries yet lie waiting to be crossed and grown beyond inside ourselves and our societies"  Excerpt from Rediscovering the Lost Body-Connection within Christian Spirituality, by Edwin M. McMahon, Ph.D. and Peter A. Campbell, Ph.D.


Genesis has a long history of teaching and sharing the principles of BioSpiritual Focusing. When you focus from a BioSpiritual perspective, you tap into the inner wisdom held in the body. The “felt-sensing” that may occur in the BioSpiritual flow can be a direct experience of the “grace” of the Divine. 

What is BioSpiritual Focusing?
BioSpiritual Focusing can provide "a support structure within which the development of a body-habit of noticing and nurturing your important feelings can become the doorway into a life-long metaphoric process through which you become more fully yourself with this Larger Body we all share in as interconnected, living cells."
The "felt-sensing" you can experience through BioSpiritual Focusing often carries an entirely fresh knowing never thought of nor learned before. Your body knows such meaning in an implicit way even though you may not yet be able to think about or express it through explicit words, concepts, gestures or other actions.

Our bodies are more than physical and biological systems. They are our direct connection to our environment and make our interaction with the entire Universe possible. Our bodies hold the energy of all our life experiences and contain the potential of a life of fullness, authenticity and compassion. In other words, our bodies are our direct link to Spirit. 

BioSpiritual Focusing is part of a holistic approach to spiritual transformation and conscious living. Through the practice, you may find new ways to think about places in your life where you are stuck. Old patterns and habits can be transformed. New resolve can be discovered around issues related to carrying negative emotions in your body.

On January 22, 2022, Genesis will offer an introductory session about BioSpiritual Focusing. If you are drawn to "unlocking the inner door" and accessing your own creative human potential, we invite you to join us.

This workshop is an overview and introduction to the history and practice of BioSpiritual Focusing.  Through prayer, presentations, experiential exercises, reflection, and discussion, you will become more aware of your own sacred story and the movement of God in your life.  No prior experience with Focusing is needed.  This workshop is a prerequisite for other BioSpiritual Focusing programs at Genesis.


The workshop will guide you to the deepest levels of awareness inside your body.


I have a client who fought cancer for some years. Last week during treatment, I helped him listen to some tears that had leaked from the eye corners. Suddenly he realized how harshly he had pushed against the cancer when what he most needed was to hold in a loving way how his body carried the cancer. In that moment of realization his entire body relaxed and a pain that had been felt in his shoulder for years lessened dramatically. We can now not only achieve very satisfying treatment results, but continue an inner journey that was blocked because of fighting vs holding in a loving way how his body carried the cancer.   ~ Massage Therapist, BioSpiritual Focusing practitioner


The workshop will be lead by the BioSpiritual Focusing Leadership Team at Genesis. 

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How many are your works, O Lord! In wisdom you made them all, the earth is full of your creatures. There is the sea, vast and spacious teeming with creatures beyond number- living things both large and small.
- Psalm 104:24-25