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Event:ON-SITE. A Time for Everything with Peggy Patenaude
Date:September 15th-17th, 2023.


A Time for Everything with Peggy Patenaude

Friday - Sunday, September 15-17, 2023.

Facilitated by Peggy Patenaude.

COST: $330, includes private room and meals. 

 “To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes. 3:1


Life provides us with a diversity of experiences. One day we laugh, another we cry. At times we feel certain and at other times, lost. We might even ask, “Where is God in all this?” The longer we live, the more we realize there’s a time for everything.

Through presentations, music, reflection, sharing, prayer and ritual, each woman will be given the opportunity to explore her own lived experience. The intention of this retreat is to find greater depth and meaning in the various seasons of her life.


Facilitated by Peggy Patenaude.


Peggy Patenaude has worked for 50+ years in the fields of education, pastoral ministry, and spirituality, including prison work and ministry with Edwina Gateley to women in recovery from prostitution and drugs. With her playful spirit, love of storytelling, gifts of creativity and faith, she continues to motivate and guide others in their life journeys. Founder of Taking Time Out in 2002, www.timeoutretreats.com, Peggy brings a great deal of insight and depth to her retreat work.\

“It has been a rare joy to have someone like Peggy feeding and guiding me into my interior world - that I don’t visit nearly enough. A wonderful experience! Thank you ever so much for putting your passion out into this world the way that you do!”

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