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Event:**ON-SITE & VIRTUAL** We Are All Related: An onsite retreat featuring a virtual keynote presentation with Diane Wilson, Award-winning Author of the 2021 novel The Seed Keeper
Date:September 23rd-25th, 2022.


We Are All Related: An onsite retreat featuring a virtual keynote presentation with Diane Wilson, Award-winning Author of the 2021 novel The Seed Keeper

Weekend retreat: September 23-25, 2022

Virtual keynote with Diane Wilson: Saturday, September 24 at 2pm Eastern Time*

Facilitated by Liz Walz and the Eco@Genesis Leadership Team

On-site weekend retreat cost: $330
Virtual keynote only cost:  $30  

This Community of Communities presentation invites reflection and participation on the relationship between humans, other animals, trees, plants, and all Earth elements through the indigenous principle “we are all related.”      

When the winter ground is frozen, seeds wait. When we anticipate a coming growing season, what does it mean for each of us to be a good relative? When faced with the overwhelming situations of the climate crisis or food scarcity, it can be immobilizing. But there is always one step we can take, in belief that we do have an impact. With reflection and intentionality, we can undertake activity and activism from a spiritually rooted place. 

Earth is not a problem to be solved – it is a living being to which we belong. The wellbeing of Earth is not separate from the wellbeing of our souls.  Ancient cultures of all faith traditions learned first from the natural world. Spiritual teachers throughout millennia reference seasonal cycles and wisdom of nature to illustrate key aspects of the human condition. The on-site retreat will use guided imagery, prayer, and intentional time on the Genesis land to honor our kinship with creation. 

Genesis will host a virtual book retreat for The Seed Keeper, a Novel, in July and August. Learn more here. 

The Community of Communities viirtual keynote event on Saturday, September 24th is part of a unique collaboration with retreat centers across the U.S.

The weekend and virtual event will be facilitated by Liz Walz, ASP, and the Eco@Genesis Leadership Team. 


About Diane Wilson


Diane Wilson (Dakota) is a writer, speaker, and editor, who has published two award-winning books, as well as essays in numerous publications. Her new novel, The Seed Keeper, was published by Milkweed Editions in March 2021. Weaving together the voices of four indelible women, The Seed Keeper is a beautifully told story of reawakening, of remembering our original relationship to the seeds and, through them, to our ancestors. Diane been involved in food sovereignty work, especially around indigenous seeds, for the past 15+ years. She worked for Dream of Wild Health, a MN Native-led non-profit farm, as the Executive Director for 11 years. Then transitioned to the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance, a national coalition of Native communities, tribes and organizations working to rebuild indigenous food systems, as the Executive Director for the past two years. For her, this work is intertwined throughout my writing, even in fiction, which allows her to bring a broad understanding to these issues. Wilson is a Mdewakanton descendant, enrolled on the Rosebud Reservation.




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