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Event:***EVENT IS FULL***Free Virtual Event ***Five Tips for Having Challenging Conversations with Grace, Respect and Ease
Date:September 15th, 2021.
Time:7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Five Tips for Having Challenging Conversations with Grace, Respect and Ease

We often avoid conversations we think will not go well. We imagine the scenario in advance: we can see ourselves getting upset, saying the wrong thing or having the other person upset with us.

As we keep our thoughts to ourselves,  our world starts to shrink. We avoid neighbors when there a small issue to address until it becomes huge. We go down a different aisle in the grocery store if we spot someone we don’t want to see. And most sad of all, we can skirt around relationships with family members for years so we don’t “rock the boat.” This holding ourselves back is suppressive!

Join this free one-hour session to hear from a communication coach about five reliable tips to practice (and communicating is a practice) being honest with grace and ease. It is possible to express what is on our minds and hearts in healthy and constructive ways without upsetting anyone!


Facilitated by The Reverend Dr. Eileen Epperson


The Rev. Dr. Eileen Epperson (Presbyterian) has been a college, hospital and hospice chaplain as well as a pastor in several churches over the past 31 years. Her ministry is now spiritual life-coaching and spiritual direction. She is a bereavement counselor and designs retreats and workshops in communication, forgiveness and spiritual growth. She created The Forgiveness Process® for individuals and has led over 50 forgiveness workshops in four states over the past eleven years.



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- Charles H. Spurgeon