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Date:October 4th-6th, 2019.
Category/Categories:Spiritual Enrichment
Stress Reduction / Personal Insight

Friday - Sunday

Centering Prayer is a method that can be used for doing the 11th Step. It improves our conscious contact with and deepens our relationship to our Higher Power, whether we call that power God, Allah, Mother, another name or no name. It is simply moving deep within oneself, in silence, saying nothing, asking for nothing, just being and allowing our Higher Power to be with us.

Retreat begins on Friday with supper at 6pm and concludes with lunch at noon on Sunday.  Deposit due with registration $100.  Balance due 14 days prior to start of program.

Madeleine Joy, SP, Fr. Bill Sheehan, OMI and Elizabeth Oleksak, SP

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We cannot create knowledge without acting. The focus of this action is (a) to transform the world, (b) to establish interdependent relationships with human beings, with the cosmos and with God.
— Paulo Friere