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Event:** ON-SITE** Awakening Your Ecological Self: Living With a Profound Love of Earth.
Date:August 12th-14th, 2022.


Awakening Your Ecological Self: Living With a Profound Love of Earth

Friday to Sunday, August 12-14, 2022

Facilitated by Cary Gaunt, Ph.D. and Deb Ondo

$330. Includes private room and meals.


The cries of Earth and her marginalized communities grow increasingly louder every day. This retreat provides a still point amidst the turbulence, and a supportive community in which to grapple with this existential crossroads and sacred call to respond. We will gather in learning, silence, and shared experiences as we look deeply into our hearts to reignite our sense of wonder and deep connection to all creation. 

Experience and cultivate spiritual environmentalism through learning and practices that blend art, science, contemplation, prayer, story, ceremony, and time engaging with the land. Together we will create a unique consciousness of the crises facing the earth and learn how to activate profound felt experiences of the animated life force of creation. Our work together will help us move from confusion and grief to empowered sources of hope and healing. We look to the wisdom of nature, spirit, and each other to learn and share from the heart.

The Genesis Arboretum will serve as our guide, where we will connect prayerfully and intentionally with the land. We will cultivate a deeper relationship with the natural world, and leave the retreat with renewed intention and tangible sustainability practices to take forward into our lives.


Facilitated by Cary Gaunt, Ph.D. and Deb Ondo

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Cary Gaunt, Ph.D. is an ecospirituality scholar, teacher, and guide who offers retreats, workshops, courses, and nature-based spiritual formation programs around the country. Her engaged spirituality informs her vocation as a highly accomplished sustainability and climate responsibility professional with over 35 years’ experience leading organizations across all sectors to develop and implement watershed management, sustainability, and/or climate action plans.

Two great loves comprise the heart of Cary’s life and work. One is a profound connection with the earth formed by her childhood spent exploring the water resources, limestone ledges, fields, and forests of her family farm in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Her childhood kinship with the natural world was strengthened through her spiritual and academic journeys and a lifetime of listening to the land.

Cary’s Ph.D. and post-doctoral research explore the life paths and formative experiences of Christian and Buddhist role models of sustainable living and leading. She weaves their wisdom into the programs she offers, and her undergraduate and graduate teaching. Cary is currently working on two books that highlight the life stories of these extraordinary role models and illuminate the specific ecospirituality practices that formed them.

Her second great love is a deep spirituality comprised of meditation, Centering Prayer and other contemplative practices, Soulcraft™, wilderness rites of passage and nature-based approaches to inner transformation and discernment. Cary offers programs in all these modalities. She has extensive training through the Animas Valley Institute, the School of Lost Borders, and Contemplative Outreach, Ltd.

In May 2021 Cary left her position as the award-winning Director of Campus Sustainability at Keene State College to prioritize her ecospirituality work. Cary offers (1) scholarship and teaching on ecological awakening, nature-based leadership, and ecospiritual role models, (2) myriad programs on ecospiritual formation and nature-based leadership development, and (3) consulting services to faith-based organizations, churches, and retreat centers seeking to develop holistic responses to the climate crisis, including program design, goal setting and planning, and facility transformations to meet the growing global call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become free of fossil fuels.

Cary is currently working with Genesis to help reinvigorate its legacy and commitment to ecospirituality. She also is a lead teacher and guide with the Center for Nature and Leadership. In everything she does, Cary is committed to supporting organizations and individuals in moving beyond sustainability to restoration and flourishing.


Deb Ondo is the Program and Marketing Manager at Genesis, where she is leading spiritual environmentalism initiatives.

Prior to Genesis, Deb worked for national and regional nonprofit organizations and as a creative director in local television. She has been honored with five broadcast Emmy Awards and a Pat Weaver Broadcast Journalism Award.  During her career in television, primarily in Boston, the most satisfying and important work was producing documentaries and children’s educational programming. Talking with people who are making a difference, and sharing their stories was deeply fulfilling for Deb. Her work at a national nonprofit in New York provided opportunities to work with corporate partners in the healthcare and financial services sectors. Most satisfying was time spent with retirees at colleges and universities across the U.S., helping them navigate the complexities of Medicare and health insurance in the next chapter of their lives. 

Deb has a keen interest in The Universe Story and ancient wisdom traditions as guides to living a more contemplative, loving, and relational life with all creation. She believes that human beings have a moral and spiritual responsibility – as kin - to preserve Earth and all her beings. Deb’s work draws from interfaith teachings of ecospiritual leaders – past and present.

Deb is also an abstract and expressionist painter. Her work is rooted in humanity's interrelatedness with the natural world as a living whole.  Her paintings and photography can be found at https://www.debondowildart.com/

Deb’s artist statement: I am drawn to our mutualism with the natural world. Through colors and lines, visions and wonder, I hope to reveal the sacred alchemy of our embodied connection. The universal wild stirs an intimate wild within. We are nourished by towering pines, cascading leaves, a vulture in the thermals, an expansive yellow sky, a cold December moon. In those moments, we become rooted in something larger than ourselves. That is why I paint – to capture the liminal, the numinous, the eternal. I am continually working on going beyond the observable to express an emergent consciousness of desire, wonder, and deep curiosity.

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"The greatest challenge of the day is to bring about a revolution of the heart, a revolution which has to start with each of us."
- Dorothy Day