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Wayne's (Genesis) World

12/15/2020 |

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Wayne Cumberlander views his Genesis world

I am Wayne Cumberlander, the Maintenance Manager for Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center. As I make my way around the property, I ponder God’s creation triggered by the beauty of the property. I am thankful to be able to enjoy its beauty and at the same time I can still call it work. I have a regimen of tasks to do and I enjoy most of them but not all. The effort level required is dependent on the changes that come because of some needed repair, addition or the seasons.  That’s part of living in New England.


The fall and winter bring about a unique set of trials. The leaves falling endlessly, the temperature dropping, and snow falling makes things more challenging.  When things start to get hectic or overwhelming, I remind myself that all these situations are short lived, and some are by design.  The leaves falling re-nourish Mother Earth as well as the many living organisms that live in it.  The changing of the seasons allows Mother Earth to rest and re-grow, a cycle developed by our Creator for our benefit.  I feel that I only add a little to it in a way that we may see as better, but things in their natural way have a special beauty about them even though we may not be able to always see it.


Although I try to keep the different systems working here at Genesis, and do fairly well at it, there are no better or larger systems than God’s creation.  I see this creation as being designed to run forever and ever.  We have nothing that is that good.  We really add nothing but we do rearrange and modify that which we might call an improvement.


Spring is my favorite season in that I enjoy watching new growth spring up and start anew. Hurry up spring and come around again!  Spring allows me to contribute a little to the beauty of the property, and partner with God in His providence over His creation.  I do feel that the world has God’s hand of providence over all things, and that it is perfect. I do sometime wonder why there are mosquitoes, wasps, bees, snakes, weeds, falling leaves etc.  Those things don’t always seem helpful, desirable, or even needed.  I am reminded by Genesis’s mission that there is a need for all things so I should look for them, bless them and be blessed by them.  So when I prune, or plant things, I do so from my view point and mankind’s view of beauty in things.  I do feel that man’s view can be in line with God’s providence.


I see new life and old life at Genesis.  Some of the creatures that I have seen roam the property besides humans are birds of all types, chipmunks, cats, ducks, dogs, foxes, hawks, mice, rabbits, garter snakes, wood chucks, skunks, deer, a bear or two, squirrels (gray, black, and brown)--and the list keeps growing.  We are becoming overwhelmed with squirrels to the point that they are falling out of trees.  I almost got hit on the head by an unfortunate squirrel that was jumping from limb to limb up high and missed his next limb and came crashing down with a thump just missing my head by a few inches. He rolled over, dusted himself off, and ran away.


Genesis has had many trials this year dealing with the COVID–19 virus, as well as being short of staff, and other things. But we have been able to still provide a service to the community at lower numbers.  We have taken many steps to protect our guests through screening, sanitizing, additional cleaning, social distancing, and minimizing the need to touch surfaces to name a few.  It brings a joy to my spirit to witness and be a small part of bringing relaxation, comfort, and enjoyment to the many visitors that we have here at Genesis.  That includes the local communities that walk their dogs or just themselves around the property.  It is a little oasis in the city of Westfield that all are welcome to enjoy. In fact the many services provided make Genesis a good place to visit to help deal with the COVID-19 virus’s stress and anxiety!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wayne Cumberlander, Maintenance Manager


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