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That's What Happens at Genesis

2021-06-10 | Dulce Pimentel



Hello, I am Dulce, head of housekeeping at Genesis, responsible for keeping Genesis spotless.  I make beds, vacuum, handle the laundry, clean, dust, mop, wax, decorate, water our beautiful indoor plants, and that’s not all! I take great pleasure in helping to make Genesis a comfortable, relaxing, and welcoming place for our guests.

I love my job because I can make a difference for our guests during their stay with us.  I understand that guests come from near and far, and are away from their home and living environment.  I strive to make sure that each guest’s needs are taken care of during their stay at Genesis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic created unique challenges, with all of the restrictions and extra cleaning efforts required.  Sanitizing the bed linens, towels, rooms, as well as the community areas, has really kept me running around.  Although the number of guests and activities are less than in previous years, the slower pace has enabled us to implement important upgrades to our facilities, including (but not limited to) new carpets, chairs, linens, and window dressings.

I appreciate the many “thank you” cards and words of appreciation that I receive from our guests. Those moments give me a feeling of worth and accomplishment, and I’m grateful that I can do my part to help our guests relax, focus on themselves and their inner peace or whatever their objectives are while at Genesis. Sure, things can get challenging from time to time, like when there is a very short turn around time (hours) between one group leaving and another group arriving.  I find that those challenges cause me to work even harder to prepare the space properly for the next group. Sometimes, I have to rely on our Genesis team to get things done on time.  That’s what we do at Genesis.

We host guests from all over the world and I enjoy greeting them and talking with them when I can. I connect with all of our guests, and sometimes a guest stands out for me a little more than others. Sister Constancia Mosakeng from South Africa was very special to me. We connected right off.  I felt like I already knew her and she felt that way about me.  We talked every day in passing and sometimes during my breaks.  I had the opportunity to meet her family via face-time.  She has a lovely family.  To this day we still talk on the phone.  I guess you could say we developed a providential spiritual kindred spirit with each other. I’m grateful and feel blessed to have met her!

That’s what happens at Genesis.

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That's What Happens at Genesis

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