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Remembering, Playing, and Bathing

2020-09-23 | Sister Elizabeth Oleksak

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I am sitting in my room next to the window that frames two Maple trees that I believe are my age. Proudly, I claim the oneness with the aging process taking place in the three of us! One tree even bares a natural image of a woman who looks back at me as I gaze at the wonder of her life. She reminds me that she once gifted a friend of mine with an abundance of maple syrup! I can still taste the sweetness of the drops.


Both trees’ graceful limbs have given birth year after year to the most magnificent shades of gold, orange and rust in their clothing.  I will wait for them to flutter to the ground inviting me to shed 80 of my 88 years, pretending they have been tenderly creating a quilt that has been a year in the making.


Did you ever imagine you could be covered in a blanket of gold? It doesn't get much better than that! So, I dare you — in these days of various serious matters, let Mother Nature be your comfort, even your playmate!


Come, walk our grounds, allow yourself to be nourished by the residents of our humble Arboretum. Be gifted by a leaf or two to take home as a remembrance of your visit.  You may also “shed a few years” remembering the days when.....(it’s your turn to finish the reflection).


P.S.  You also might want to walk in our woodland just to be bathed and refreshed in the coolness of its beauty. 

And, who knows! Our “paths” just might cross!


Sister Elizabeth Oleksak

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