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Providence Unfolding

2020-10-06 | Liz Walz, ASP, Executive Director

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Providence Unfolding


September held a whirl-wind of activity here at Genesis:

  • Our 21st Annual – and first virtual – Wine Taste fundraising event (click link for photos!) was great fun on September 11th. We owe our deepest gratitude to the benefactors, sponsors and friends who participated. The proceeds of the evening will make a big dent in Genesis’ operating budget shortfall this year and will enable us to end the year without another lay-off of staff nor a reduction in staff hours. For their faithful sponsorship over the years, we thank our major sponsors: Advance Manufacturing Company, Westfield Bank, Trinity Health of New England, and Faith Sullivan and Joe Keenan. Gratitude too, to Genesis Friend Sponsors: Firtion Adams Funeral Home; John P. Liptak, CPA; Westfield Gas & Electric; Renaissance Medical Group; The Dowd Insurance Agencies; Mercy Medical Center Board of Directors; Lisa Oleksak-Sullilvan, Realtor; and Lisa McMahon.


  • Genesis launched our third School for Contemplative Living the weekend of September 16-19th. Nineteen enthusiastic participants began a nine-month journey of transformation in “putting on the mind of Christ.” We do not know what the Spirit will do with us, nevertheless we say “Yes!” Gratitude to Mary Ann Connolly, SC and Natalie Cain, SSJ for joining Genesis Intern Jonah Brandley in food service and clean-up, sanitizing, and an array of tasks to serve our guests.


  • On Sunday, September 19th, on the Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul, the Associates of the Sisters of Providence renewed their commitments in a simple, moving ceremony in Genesis’ Chapel. The Sisters of Providence Council – Sr. Kathleen Popko, Sr. Caritas Geary, and Sr. Senga Fulton – blessed the Associates and offered their appreciation.


  • The following weekend, Genesis welcomed a reunion group of the School of Contemplative Living year two participants, whose fourth and fifth weekends of the program were rescheduled and offered through video conference due to the pandemic. For those who were able to gather – seventeen of us including myself, Norm Comtois, OMI and Jane Comerford, CSJ – it was renewing to be able to meet together, outdoors and inside with doors open to let in fresh air. In our closing session, all participants voiced their strong desire and intention to keep the GSCL program and Genesis going strong. It was truly moving to witness what the Spirit has done among us.


  • And this past Saturday, October 3rd, Genesis welcomed 14 women for Come to the Table, a women’s spirituality day retreat. Genesis now has several weeks of virtual programming, daily and weekly 12-Step support groups, and a weekly yoga series, until overnight guests return in November. Genesis staff people are appreciating the opportunity to catch up on back-burner tasks. Soon, we will turn our attention to goal-setting and planning for 2021 – it is a challenge to fathom the passing of time.


All of us at Genesis are grateful for those who have been able to come away for a while. It is a palpable joy for our staff when we have guests incarnate! We welcome you to join any of the virtual programs you find listed at GenesisSpiritualCenter.org. And whether you’d like to visit for part of a day, or join an overnight program, we look forward to seeing you as you are able.


In Providence, Liz Walz, ASP

Executive Director




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