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Easter Greetings and News!

2021-04-06 |

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We are grateful for signs of new life at Genesis:

  • We had a lovely full house of 28 gathered to celebrate Genesis’ contemplative Easter Triduum Retreat. Deep gratitude to Jo Ann Bourquard; Norm Comtois, OMI; and Karen Fisk, for many months of work in crafting liturgies that shine light on the paschal mysteries in our lives today. Ringing the bells at Easter Liturgy, and enjoying the chive-cream-cheese filled, puff pastry “carrots”--> at brunch were delightful culminations  after a year that felt like a long series of Good Fridays and Holy Saturdays!
  • Among the many capital improvements and refurbishments Genesis underwent in the first quarter of 2021, there are two that bring us joy in different ways: 1) New, plush bath linens for every guest room, color-coordinated with the pastel shade of each room! And, 2) Installation of carbon dioxide sensors in our largest gathering rooms: the small, large and sabbatical Dining Rooms and the Crane, Guild and Providence Rooms in the Carriage House. These monitor the levels of CO2 and bring in fresh air, heat or cool it to the set temperature and circulate it, ensuring air quality and peace of mind when groups gather for presentations and social events.
  • Please join us in welcoming Debra Ondo as Genesis’ new Program and Marketing Manager! An oil painter and nature enthusiast, Deb brings grace, depth, and a wealth of marketing experience to Genesis. I am grateful to all the candidates who applied for the position, and to members of Genesis’ community who participated in the restructuring and interview process: Yvonne Boudreau; Jo Ann Bourquard; Lynn Ireland; Kevin O’Connor; and Sr. Kathleen Popko, SP with Bryarly Lehmann and Lisa McMahon.

 It’s easy to affirm the spirituality of Providence when things are going well, when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Detecting Providence in the desolate or liminal times takes practice and is supported by community; we have been tried and burnished this past year. So today we celebrate Easter’s joy, although still in pandemic. We affirm life, even as loved ones are ill and approaching the great transition. And we take each next step hopefully, even as the future is yet uncertain. In gratitude for this Genesis community, I wish you all an abundance of hope and healing as the Easter Season unfolds.

Easter Blessings!

Liz Walz, Executive Director





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