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Meditation and Self-Improvement

2021-03-15 | Annette Lally, Administrative Coordinator

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I was born and raised in Westfield my entire life and had no idea what Genesis Spiritual Life Center was all about until several years ago.  I had glanced at the building countless times when I drove by, and I often wondered what went on there.


Five or six years ago, a friend asked me to join her for a meditation meeting.  I had never meditated to speak of, but I’m usually game to try anything once, so off we went.  We joined a dozen or so people in the Chapel at Genesis and after a brief script we were invited to close our eyes and meditate in silence for 15 minutes.  The Chapel is a beautiful space that has a peaceful and safe feel to it, the chairs are comfortable and the room lighting was perfectly set to dim.  I experienced success in the meditation and felt invigorated afterwards.  To be able to sit with myself in silence with other people sharing the same space with the goal of quieting the mind was an amazing experience.  I have tried to incorporate the practice of meditation into my daily life because of that experience, and each time I do it I get better and better at it. 


A funny story of one of my experiences at the meditation meeting…  One night a friend of mine let out a yelp and started fidgeting in her chair.  My eyes shot open and I noticed that the resident cat Miss Gracie was walking around under the chairs and her tail rubbed up against an unsuspecting meditator with closed eyes.  It was actually pretty funny!


To get to the chapel you head down the administrative corridor which is filled with gems such as the book and greeting card shelves.  I had glanced at the titles of the books many times and found that they peaked my interest.  I am always looking into ways for personal improvement, and the book shelves are a treasure trove of that and much more!


One night I saw a stack of Genesis brochures out for the taking so I grabbed one and took it home.  I read it with curiosity and intrigue of the various programs and offerings listed.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe these types of programs are available in my own back yard!  If you are looking to take a deep dive inward, there is a program for you.    


In my professional life I worked at the same place for more years than I care to admit.  The company was bought out many times and we survived all but that last one.  That owner decided to close our facility.  I was unemployed for a short while when an opportunity presented itself for a part time administrative coordinator position at Genesis.  I’ve met many wonderful people this past year and have had many good experiences.  One of my favorites is the occasional luxury of eating Chef Jen’s food which is always a delicious delight.  I also enjoy when I take 5 or 10 minutes out of my day to head into the Chapel with a few colleagues for a quick meditation break.  Sometimes I will take a 10-minute walk around the property and take in all the beauty of the Arboretum which refreshes my soul.  


In conclusion, I plan to take advantage of participating in some of the many programs offered here at Genesis because the more I learn, I find that my quality of life improves.


Annette Lally

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