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Hugging a Tree Feels Good!

2021-02-17 |

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Bonnie and her Crabapple Tree

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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

                                             –John Muir

I’ve had the privilege to photograph the land here at Genesis and spend time with many of the trees. Every one of them is unique and beautiful.


Sometimes, during the day, I am able to step out into the cathedral of the pine trees. I feel so small in comparison to their size and the amount of space they hold. I engulf the aroma of the scent of pine and visually take in the shades of green and the variety of textures of the branches and needles.


I take a deep breathe, soften, and relax.

There is a special loving energy here at Genesis and I feel that this loving energy gives to all who enter onto the campus.


When the pandemic hit last year, I was laid off for a bit and continued to visit the land here at Genesis. One day my husband and I came to walk the Compassionate Curve and the Labyrinth. We parked in front of this gorgeous pink flowering crabapple tree (see photo), I was so excited and asked Tom to take a photo of me. I couldn’t stop myself from hugging this tree as I held onto my coffee cup in my other hand. My face gently caressed the soft pink flower blossoms as I moved away from the tree. It was a special moment. After that, I put my coffee cup down on the ground and proceeded to cup my hands around the pink flowering blossoms. There was no fragrance, however, the color and texture made up for it. That tree is one of my favorites and I park in front of it when it’s available in every season. Even though the snow is on the ground and its branches are stark black, I know what’s right around the corner waiting for me.


Come for a visit!


Bonnie Druschel, Marketing Coordinator/Photographer


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