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A Vision of My Future

2020-08-24 | Trisha Riga, Genesis Registrar

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A Vision of My Future


Some of you may know me through your visits to Genesis as I am the Genesis registrar, and have worked at Genesis for over 22 years! Having sold my computer business some nine months’ prior to my first day at Genesis, I was at a point of discerning my next steps for a career. I knew I didn’t want just any job situation but, rather, it had to have the desirable qualities I was seeking: To work with good and loving people, in a kind environment, and also to be located near my home.


After having recently read a book on the subject of  creative visualization, and with the encouragement of my sister, I decided to put the idea into practice and see what would be the result. So I proceeded to write down clearly and exactly what I envisioned would be all the details for my next job position making sure to leave nothing out. Some might think this to be a daunting aspiration, but for me it became my mission to create a new job reality for myself from my vision.


A key step in the process was physically preparing and posting my list of desirable job attributes and reading them aloud with conviction each day! So I did this, putting down everything I wanted for a job on a full page which I printed out in large type and hung up in my home office near the computer. Daily I would read the list out loud with feeling and with complete belief that God would provide!  I did this for several months, and then….in what was to be a fateful day for me in early May 1999, my neighbor, who worked at Genesis at the time, came to me with news of a job opening--Sr. Elizabeth Oleksak was looking for a new secretary. And, as the old saying goes, the rest is history!


People who have practiced this mental technique have discovered that creative visualization works and produces results, and that circumstances and events follow one's thoughts. In fact, we use visualization every day of our lives. We visualize new ideas, what we're going to do tomorrow. We visualize how we wish our life was like all the time, though most people don't visualize how they would like their life to be as deliberately. Even many professional athletes use visualization, visualizing all the time how they will be optimal as an athlete, visualizing their next shot or how their next game will go.


What has compelled me to write about my experience is recently learning that Genesis will be offering a program this coming January titled, Creating and Praying with Vision Boards in 2021”. This was so exciting for me to hear, as I have had much positive result with the process. This Genesis program will be offered as a four-part series on Saturdays beginning January 9th, and will be facilitated by Jane Comerford, CSJ, and Bonnie Druschel. They will lead you in creation of your own vision board to start your own process. I strongly encourage you, too, to attend this series if you have the desire to create a visual and written representation of your hopes, dreams, goals, and promises from God!

Click here for more information: Creating and Praying with Vision Boards in 2021

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A Vision of My Future

Some of you may know me through your visits to Genesis as I am the Genesis registrar...Read more!

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