53 Mill Street, Westfield, MA 01085 • 413.562.3627


Core Beliefs

  • God's love is present and active in all creation and in the lives of all persons; therefore all are related and sacred.
  • Since creation is ongoing, each person has the capacity for awakening and healing, which can impact all levels of our global community.
  • The warmth of human caring reveals the presence of a loving God. Our reflection on this experience can transform our lives by deepening our prayer and commitment to loving service to others.
  • A welcoming and supportive community offers gifts of peace and hope in a hectic and materialistic world.
  • Natural beauty and a reflective atmosphere invite a deeper awareness of the divine presence.


  • Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center will have as its focus:
  • Those who are striving for a more holistic life and deeper connection with self: God. and others;
  • Those who are in need of welcome, nurturing, reflection, and support;
  • Those who foster a world view that sees all people and creatures as part of one community;
  • Those who serve others in pastoral ministries, health care, human services, education, and the arts;
  • Those who are alienated from formal religion but are desiring to fulfill their spiritual yearnings and live a life of loving service, and
  • Those who are marginalized in our communities.

Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center is committed to:

  • Creating an atmosphere of hospitality which welcomes persons of all faiths, spiritual paths, and walks of life;
  • Presenting programs that promote the experience of God's love for all creation, the healing and growth of body, mind, and spirit, and the relationship between individual, community, and Earth;
  • Inviting resource persons and program leaders who share the values of Genesis Spiritual Life and Conference Center;
  • Providing hospitality and hosting programs for those church, civic, and community groups seeking accommodations.


Faith makes all things possible, and love makes them easy. Faith in God is never out of season. Faith justifies the believer, but love justifies his faith by the works which it produces. Faith believes God to be true; love proves faith to be true.
- Charles H. Spurgeon