53 Mill Street, Westfield, MA 01085 • 413.562.3627


  • Anne Chapdelaine, Interim Executive Director
  • Sr. Elizabeth Oleksak, SP, Foundress, Gardener, Sabbatical Team, Spiritual Director

 Administrative Team

  • JoAnn Bourquard, Retreat Coordinator and Spiritual Director
  • Cindy Lees, Financial Services
  • Jean Risk, Administrative Assistant
  • Melissa Manion, Administrative Assistant
  • Philip Catalanotto, Intern

Operations Team

  • Jeremy Adamczyk, Facilities Manager
  • Jennifer Moynihan, Head Chef
  • Nancy Huges, Part-time Cook
  • Daniel O'Connor, Assistant to Facilities Manager
  • Dulce Pimentel, Head Housekeeper

Earth Caretakers

  • Kathleen Kitka, Arboretum Consultant
  • Mary Haberstroh, Gardener

Program Committee

  • Yvonne Boudreau, ASP
  • Jo Ann Bourquard
  • Ann McGaharn, ASP
  • Sr. Ruth McGoldrick, SP
  • Sr. Elizabeth Oleksak, SP
  • The Rt Rev. Gordon Scruton
  • Anne Chapdelaine, Interim Executive Director

Spiritual Direction

  • Jo Ann Bourquard
  • Sr. Ruth McGoldrick, SP
  • Donna O’Connor
  • Sr. Elizabeth Oleksak, SP 
Oh, great Father, never let me judge another man until I have walked in his moccasins for two weeks.
- A Prayer for Understanding